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 House Standing Orders
 Posted: Sep 25 2017, 04:27 AM


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Election of Speaker

10 When an election for Speaker takes place
(a) An election for Speaker shall take place at:
(i) the opening of a new Parliament after the Members have been sworn or made an affirmation; or
(ii) any time when the office of Speaker is vacant.
(b ) The election shall be conducted by the Clerk acting as Chair, in the manner provided below in standing order 11.

11 Election procedures
When electing a Member to fill a vacant office the routine shall be as follows:
Nominees proposed
(a) The Chair shall invite nominations for the vacant office.
( b ) A Member shall propose the nomination of a Member to the vacant office by moving, without notice, that such Member ’do take the Chair of this House as Speaker’. The Member nominated must be present and the motion must be seconded. The mover and seconder may speak in support of their nominated candidate for no more than 5 minutes each.
© The nominated Member shall inform the House whether he or she accepts the nomination.
(d) The Chair shall ask:
Is there any further proposal?
and shall ask this again after any further proposal and acceptance.
(e) If no further proposal is made the Chair shall state:
The time for proposals has expired. No further nominations may be made.

Censure of or no confidence in the Government

A motion on notice or an amendment of a motion which expresses censure of or no confidence in the Government shall have priority of all other business until it is disposed of by the House, if it is accepted by a Minister as a motion or amendment of censure or no confidence.

Motion of condolence or thanks

As a courtesy, the House will ordinarily grant precedence to a motion moved without notice for a motion of condolence or thanks of the House.

Motion of Minister to discuss special matter

(a) At any time when other business is not before the House a Minister may state to the House a proposal to discuss a matter of special interest in preference to moving a specific motion.

Order kept by Speaker or Chair

(a) The Speaker, or the occupier of the Chair of the House at the time, shall keep order in the House.
( b ) The Deputy Speaker, or the occupier of the Chair of the Federation Chamber at the time, shall keep order in the Federation Chamber. The House may address disorder in the Federation Chamber after receiving a report from the Deputy Speaker.

Members to recognise authority of the Speaker

(a) If the Speaker stands during a debate, any Member then speaking or seeking the call shall sit down and the House shall be silent, so the Speaker may be heard without interruption.
( b ) When the Speaker is putting a question no Member may walk out of or across the Chamber.

Ministerial statements

When the House has granted a Minister leave to make a ministerial statement, the House shall be deemed to have granted leave for the Leader of the Opposition, or Member representing, to speak in response to the statement for an equal amount of time.
Manner and right of speech

No Member to be referred to by name

In the House and the Federation Chamber, a Member shall not be referred to by name, but by one of the following forms, as appropriate:
(a) the Member’s ministerial office (e.g. Prime Minister, Minister for Defence, Attorney-General);
( b ) the Member’s parliamentary office (e.g. Leader of the House, Leader of the Opposition, Chief Government Whip);
© the Member’s electoral division (e.g. Member for Adelaide).

Question determined by a majority of voices

The Speaker shall put the question by stating its terms to the House and asking Members in favour of the question to say ‘Aye’ and those against ‘No’, and the question shall be resolved by the majority of Members calling either ‘Aye’ or ‘No’. The Speaker shall then state whether the ‘Ayes’ or the ‘Noes’ have it. If the Speaker’s opinion is challenged by more than one Member, the question must be decided by division of the House.

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